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Nikola Plejić @nikola

A thing called was released yesterday, made by Lea Verou.
It's apparently a way to make web applications entirely from static HTML - it seems preeeetty awesome, and I want to try it out soon.
If anyone else does something with it, I'd like to know! :) is a pretty good resource for privacy and anti-surveillance related information. You can find a lot of useful tools there.

#privacytools #privacy #encryption #surveillance #masssurveillance #software

At the #WeAreDevs2017 conference in Vienna. A decent example what ends up happening when you place profit & corporate interests over people & the community. Selling / sharing 3800 tickets on 2100 seats is a pretty lame move, even though the rest of the conference is quite decent.

However, I chatted with John Romero! \o/ The story behind ID Software is a really fun one.

Organizations all over the world should DEMAND from Intel ability to disable ME/AMT code. For good. There are likely many more bugs there.

Intel should provide means to disable all ME code which runs AFTER host CPU init is complete, i.e. all the UNTURSTED-input processing code.

This seems interesting, "Kaitai Struct: a new way to develop parsers for binary structures" (, including a neat visualizer for browsing binary data formats. Not looking forward to crawling into the Scala rabbit hole to get it to build tho 😐

@celesteh His music sounds even more impressive live. Amazing musician. Enjoy!

@abgd @jd @gcupc That said, I also help moderate a 10k+ group that serves as a local IT job board. It works well, but it's highly specific, has pretty strict moderation policies, and approx. 10 people with moderation privileges. The discussions are scarce, and people are generally well-behaved because the context is highly professional, so that probably helps.

@abgd @jd @gcupc The only relevant addition to Groups moderation I can recall happening within the past few years is the (very welcome) ability to disable commenting on a post... and that's not a Groups-specific feature, I think.

Groups don't generate any money and are definitely not a core Facebook interest. People should be discouraged from using them.

@jd I used to moderate a 10k+ member Facebook group for the local development community. I had to give up, it was simply unmanageable. Some people took over the moderation and are doing a pretty good job, but the quality of the discussion and the signal-to-noise ratios are incredibly low.

Facebook is a terrible interface and a terrible context for any kind of meaningful, non-trivial communication.

@2p Pih, nije ni čudo da su izabrali Trumpa za predsjednika.

@2p Ne kontam čemu toliki manjak ljubavi za Policijsku akademiju. 🙄

@bob Richard Stallman was mostly right about everything, really.

Are you using Postgres? Then you might want to take a look at the
"PostgreSQL 9 Admin Cookbook" whose ebook version is freely available today at

#ebook #postgres

Welcome on the Mastodon Network Monitoring project (MNM)! The idea is to keep a track of key stats about Mastodon network, especially regarding users, instances and statuses.

@viTekiM Sounds pretty cool! I'll definitely give Nanoloop a try, I've never heard about it until now. :)

If you're interested in hearing an album made with nothing but an outdated smartphone, check it:

Every bit of this was done on my phone. The tracks, the album art, the liner notes, even the upload to Bandcamp. Neat huh?

Feel free to download it for $0.00. I'm cool with it. 😊