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Nikola Plejić @nikola

tl;dr of the yarn plant tech issues boils down to proprietary hardware and proprietary software. Things are locked down, there are no specs, there are no sources. The future is uncertain, companies producing the hardware come & go, the only solution is to buy newer and more fragile hardware.

Richard Stallman was right, as he has been so many times before. #webcampsi

Come to WebCamp, learn about yarn spinning. TIL that up to 100% of synthetic fibers are recycleable. And that you need 3 years to assemble & start a new industrial-grade yarn spinning machine in a factory. #webcampsi

SSH-themed horror movie ideas

1) Host on Haunted Hill
2) Ghost in the zsh
3) Dude Where Did I Redirect My Output?
4) Paranormal Activity Detected
5) The Exorcism of systemd
6) The Silence of the Error Messages, Even on Debug Level
7) The GNU Witch Project
8) Salò, or the 120 Days With Still No Patch From Our Vendor
9) Invasion of the ICMP packets

#webcampsi IT job market in a nutshell

#webcampsi packed & ready to go! \o/

‘How The Internet Broke Politics’ with Peter Sunde

@zdeslav_v It's been a long time since I've rock&rolled ^_^

@masoud It's pretty neat! A lot of patience is required, though, but I guess that's a prerequisite for a good kernel developer. :) Enjoy!

@nikola Not entirely the same but I found microcorruptions ( interesting and a lot of fun. Embedded assembly/hacking (MSP430) in a kind of game. Also by matasano I believe.

@orionwl Looks interesting! I'll definitely check it out. Thanks! :)

@cynix @stefanieschulte Indeed! We had the pleasure of hosting Maciej at WebCamp Zagreb 2016, and he held one of the best talks I've had the opportunity to see live! :)

I think his consistent criticism of Silicon Valley & the tech community is spot-on and much needed.

Anyway, it seems that the Eudyptula Challenge will stop taking new people at some point during the next few months:

It comes highly recommended (not just by me! :)), so I suggest signing up soon if you're interested!

I'm currently having a blast doing the Eudyptula Challenge (, a series of exercises for the #Linux kernel.

I find this to be a far more fun and engaging learning method than the MOOC, but other than the Cryptopals Challenge (, FKA the Matasano Crypto Challenge), I'm not familiar with any similar projects. Any tips?

I guess it's far less trivial to implement & maintain these, and the monetization options are scarce...

protip: don't use computers. It will only end in suffering.

@celesteh @cphuntington97 @HerraBRE @creatrixtiara Email allows me for far greater control over what gets delivered, where and when than any of the social networks I use. There are decent clients across all possible platforms, very good filtering options, no vendor lock-in of any kind... Maybe I just don't get enough of it to detest it as strongly as the rest of the world. :)

@cphuntington97 @celesteh @HerraBRE @creatrixtiara It's a bit sad, though, because a mailing list with iCal invites would probably be much more convenient for anyone using any kind of groupware or calendar software (which, with Google Apps & iCloud & whatnot, is almost everyone).

@celesteh @HerraBRE Oh how amazing that would be! Finding out about concerts in my area is my #1 use case for Facebook these days.

I also believe this would be an interesting proposition for concert promoters and venue operators as well, not just musicians!


My favourite missing bit of ostatus in Mastodon is the calendar part. Because:

Every musician I know is still on Facebook and everyone uses them for events. If Mastodon supported calendars, it could be a way to lure musicians away.

Also, I vaguely recall some protocol that propagates bands events out to a lot of on-line music calendars, so a listing here might be echoed to, etc