Whoa, I just realized MIT has their own Mastodon instance! The future is now!

That is surely good example.
Decentralization example for other institutions and organizations, and ultimately majority of user will switch from Twitter and Facebook.

@nikola See also and :)

@pettter Nice! :) The more, the merrier!

I hope this will become a thing more academic institutions -- and related entities -- will embrace!

@nikola @pettter

Do... do they have LDAP integration for the the students/professors?

@pettter @nikola @manchot Nope, requires an email, that's all.

It's fairly difficult to get an application approved to get the personal data from the central system for privacy reasons.

@nikola There's also instances for locations as well, like for Richmond, Virginia

@trebach Cool! Is that an "official" instance in any way? I.e. is it used / endorsed by any city officials?

@nikola Almost certainly not. There's only 46 users and the rules preclude some government officials from using it at all.

@trebach Ah. Still a neat idea, though!

I was surprised by the MIT instance because it's on an subdomain, which means it has at least a minimum of institutional support.

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