Finally bought a V60 for home brewing & gave Scott Rao's tutorial ( a go -- it made an incredibly tasty cup of .

@sexybiggetje It really is!

I've been reluctant to try it because I've read that it requires a gooseneck kettle and that it's really quirky, but I found one at a local coffee shop for a decent price and decided to pull the trigger.

As usual, the interwebs tend to complicate things more than necessary. I've used the plainest old kettle and followed Rao's tutorial and I loved it! It'll be a nice companion to the AeroPress. :)

@nikola I still think that using a scale and a stopwatch is more effort than I'm willing to put into making coffee.

You have to make me coffee one day. Maybe you change my mind. :)

How does V60 compare with coffee from a french press in your opinion?

I don't think a scale is crucial; neither is a stopwatch. They're just tools for folks with OCD and/or getting a consistent brew. I do Aeropress at work without either, by just eyeballing it.

V60 is much cleaner than the French Press and it's less intense. It's basically filter coffee, and it's barely more complicated than the FP (+ it's much faster).

I'll gladly make you a few cups one day, it's fun. :)

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