I've noticed that having non-music background noise in my headphones works wonders for my focus.

There are quite a few sites that generate these out there (Noisli comes to mind), but yesterday I found this one and it totally rocks:

My favorite feature is "Slider Animation" which configurably changes the volume of components of the "noise" through time, meaning you're not constantly listening to the same thing (yet it's subtle enough not to be distracting). Ingenious.

@nikola Wow, a lot of choices. Thanks for sharing.
There is also a Gnome extension (if you use gnome), but is a bit limited with choices.

@lapor Yup, it's really extensive, and a lot of the sounds are actual field recordings the author made himself.

(I'm also a big fan of the aesthetics of the website for some reason. :))

I was looking for a Linux-native app, but couldn't find any! Thanks for the link to Focusli. I don't use GNOME, but it's good to know it's there.

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