For kicks, I've started keeping wifi and mobile data off on my phone by default, and it has led to some interesting consequences; I'll try to recap some as I fully process them.

The most obvious one is that the battery now lasts 3+ days on a single charge (vs. ~30 hours with wifi and data always on). This includes casual Bluetooth usage (mostly headphones).

This one's nothing revolutionary and it's operationally irrelevant, but I guess using less energy is not the lousiest thing one can do.


(Keeping my phone's wifi & mobile data off by default, pt. II)

Being aware that my phone isn't constantly connected to the internet helps keep some of my compulsive behaviors at bay.

It soon becomes clear that there's no reason to look at the phone because, by definition, there's nothing there.

The act of needing to explicitly enable the connection makes me think whether the action I'm about to take is a result of sheer boredom or frustration, or an actual honest-to-${DEITY} necessity.

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(Keeping my phone's wifi & mobile data off by default, pt. III)

For what it's worth, earlier I fought the compulsion by turning off most push notifications, and that has worked to a very decent degree.

It has still given plenty of room for ridiculously easy mindless wandering around the interwebs, and I didn't like that.

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(Keeping my phone's wifi & mobile data off by default, pt. IV)

Internet-based messaging apps obviously don't work while the phone is offline, which leads to some curious side-effects.

Reading & writing messages becomes more focused, because I usually do it only when I decide I have time and energy to catch up with what had happened on the internets; as a consequence, I'm more invested in the act instead of just replying as an afterthought while waiting for public transport.

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@alexcleac Cool! It's great to read other people's experiences, too.

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