New backpack day! It's been a struggle, but the decision came down to the Millican Smith the Roll 25 L.

It looks incredibly sturdy -- maybe even a bit too sturdy, but I guess it's supposed to break in. I love the aesthetics, and I just hope it won't end up being too big.

The tripod / walking stick loop is a nice touch.

I did a thing.

Also, this was finally an excuse to try mounting a (borrowed) 50mm f/1.4 EF lens onto my EOS M10 with an EF -> EF-M adapter. The camera looks ridiculous since the lens is pretty big, but it actually works surprisingly well.

Perhaps it's worth buying an adapter and looking into some old used lenses...

This is a puffin. It looks like a clown, acts like a clown, but instead of scaring the crap out of you it makes you feel all sorts of warm an fuzzy.

Be like a puffin.

My list of lesser-hyped records of 2017, as a companion to other lists (recommended: The Wire's, The Quietus', Resident Advisor's).

There has never been more beautiful music out there than today, and its cathartic and dissociative powers have never been more necessary. Enjoy!

Come to WebCamp, learn about yarn spinning. TIL that up to 100% of synthetic fibers are recycleable. And that you need 3 years to assemble & start a new industrial-grade yarn spinning machine in a factory.

Razmjena vještina

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