Beware of people insisting on absence of ideology. They're either politically illiterate, a fucking historical negationist, or both.

Antifascism is an ideology. No one should insist on the absence of antifascism in our lives.

Speaking of next level shit... To save the sound of Stradivarius violins forever, they brought in master luthiers, and recorded every note one at a time. Every transition. Every sound you could make. And now there's a database so one could craft new music with Stradivarius violins without owning one.

But the truly next level shit in here is that they shut down and put the cone of silence down around the recording studio so the street noise wouldn't fuck with the recordings.

Here's what a fresh/non-cached page from #OneDrive gets from the mothership.

513 requests. 82MB.

I don't know if I want to laugh or cry.

users, this one's pretty neat:

Blokada is a system-wide ad/content blocker for Android, slightly reminiscent of uBlock Origin. It does *not* require root, it's free software, and it's available on the F-Droid store!

I've been using it for the past few days, and it seems to be working well.

The Big 1.0. – Riot

Riot, the default and most mature client for #Matrix just hit 1.0, with a huge redesign <3 If you have ever checked Riot before, but didn't like the looks - please give it another try! If you haven't tried it but like things like, dunno, #Slack for example, have a try and you might be pleasantly surprised.

#Opensource #decentralized chat and team tool with a no compromises #UI <3

After a lot of back-and-forth(*), finally migrated my primary email account off of to .

After two days of usage, I don't see anything significant missing, and the migration process was a breeze. Highly recommended.

(*) - Mostly spent trying to decide between running my own mail server or using a 3rd party provider.

Facebook's stock shoots up despite the overwhelming proof they couldn't care less about their users.

Another prime example of the market regulating itself with humanity's best interests in mind.

Ne možemo ni potvrditi ni negirati naše postojanje. // We can neither confirm nor deny our existence.

Anyone running on and (optionally) ?

I'm looking for a few pointers about setting up hot standby replication, but it doesn't seem to be supported out of the box on NixOS, nor it's generally discussed in much detail...

@ekaitz_zarraga Sure thing! I use it daily, and it's pretty neat. :)

@ekaitz_zarraga uBlock Origin has a built-in JS blocker which works well, and allows per-site whitelisting.

@zladuric Ha, istina! Poslat ću još jednu najavu za par dana pa ću se sjetiti staviti, thanks. :)

Announcing the Zagreb Rust Meetup!

The talk will (probably) be in Croatian, but if you're nearby and don't understand this gloriously convoluted language, don't worry about it & come and say hi. :)

@trebach Ah. Still a neat idea, though!

I was surprised by the MIT instance because it's on an subdomain, which means it has at least a minimum of institutional support.

@trebach Cool! Is that an "official" instance in any way? I.e. is it used / endorsed by any city officials?

@pettter Nice! :) The more, the merrier!

I hope this will become a thing more academic institutions -- and related entities -- will embrace!

@nikola See also and :)

Whoa, I just realized MIT has their own Mastodon instance! The future is now!

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