Our stance on Gab, nazis, fascists and harassers in general Show more

Our stance on Gab, nazis, fascists and harassers in general Show more

Where did you buy the Jinhao and which model is it?

iroshizuku is probably my favorite ink of all times. :)

@lapor Yup, it's really extensive, and a lot of the sounds are actual field recordings the author made himself.

(I'm also a big fan of the aesthetics of the website for some reason. :))

I was looking for a Linux-native app, but couldn't find any! Thanks for the link to Focusli. I don't use GNOME, but it's good to know it's there.

I've noticed that having non-music background noise in my headphones works wonders for my focus.

There are quite a few sites that generate these out there (Noisli comes to mind), but yesterday I found this one and it totally rocks:


My favorite feature is "Slider Animation" which configurably changes the volume of components of the "noise" through time, meaning you're not constantly listening to the same thing (yet it's subtle enough not to be distracting). Ingenious.

Over the past few years I've written several checklists for trips ranging from 1-2 days to 3-4 weeks, and I peruse then regularly. I'm sure I'd be a total wreck without them.

I really wish veg*ism wasn't presented as such an aggressive, black-and-white moral issue. When you tell someone that every time they eat meat they're committing murder, their only options are to change their lifestyle completely, feel shitty whenever they eat meat, or reject that narrative outright. Most people go for the last

But the fact is, our meat-heavy diet isn't sustainable, and we'll have to change it eventually if our species is to survive. So every step you take *is* helpful

Try to eat less meat. If you do eat meat, make less of it red meat. When eating plants, try and eat in season (and local, if possible). Try out some meat substitutes and meatless recipes - they're better than you think

But don't get overwhelmed trying to change everything at once, because by any measure you're better off doing a little than nothing at all

I don't think a scale is crucial; neither is a stopwatch. They're just tools for folks with OCD and/or getting a consistent brew. I do Aeropress at work without either, by just eyeballing it.

V60 is much cleaner than the French Press and it's less intense. It's basically filter coffee, and it's barely more complicated than the FP (+ it's much faster).

I'll gladly make you a few cups one day, it's fun. :)

@sexybiggetje It really is!

I've been reluctant to try it because I've read that it requires a gooseneck kettle and that it's really quirky, but I found one at a local coffee shop for a decent price and decided to pull the trigger.

As usual, the interwebs tend to complicate things more than necessary. I've used the plainest old kettle and followed Rao's tutorial and I loved it! It'll be a nice companion to the AeroPress. :)

Finally bought a V60 for home brewing & gave Scott Rao's tutorial (youtube.com/watch?v=c0Qe_ASxfN) a go -- it made an incredibly tasty cup of .

@mike Unfortunately, the feature that allowed people to build these types of answers is deprecated:


As far as I know, they haven't made a replacement. You can see a list of all instant answers here:


Every time I read anything about computer , I realize how little I know about what's happening there.

This morning I finally managed to clear up the confusion between Vulkan vs. OpenGL vs. OpenGL ES vs. DirectX vs. Metal -- granted, Wikipedia has a fairly decent summary of each, and clearing this up was fairly trivial.

Also, I realized that I've had a Vulkan 1.1-compatible graphics chip in my laptop all along, which is neat... Not that I have any idea what to make of it.

The Call for Papers for WebCamp Zagreb 2019 is open!

Come visit Zagreb in October, and join the best volunteer-run community in town.


Boosts, as well as talk proposals, are more than welcome!

Been reading George Monbiot's writings in a bit more depth after he appeared on Frankie Boyle's show... he's incredibly lucid and eloquent.

Unlike many people, he has the welcome tendency to provide very chilling evidence of our planet's imminent cataclysm while not nosediving into total nihilism (and even managing to stay mildly optimistic).

His latest article on capitalism's inherent conflict with sustainable survival is really good.


Welp, I managed to miss Koenji Hyakkei releasing a new album after 13 years! Yoshida is a beast.

Dancing in 13/8 🕺


From the BUGS section of mawk's manpage:

"Implementors of the AWK language have shown a consistent lack of imagination when naming their programs."

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