@sciss Sounds good! Good luck with the organization! 🤞 👏

@sciss Oooh, that's finally close & convenient enough that I might just try to make it! I've heard good things (and had a few friends & acquaintances present).

@sciss Where is the next xCoAx, anyway? I would consider submitting the call to nettime as well, seems very relevant. :)

@telent ...and I just noticed your post is ancient and that you've probably found a way around it by now. :) Perhaps it'll end up being useful to someone else wandering through the fediverse!

@telent I don't use , but I do use ! :) I run `lein repl` from a nix shell and then connect to that instance from Emacs using `cider-connect-clj`.

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~500 000 in Montreal
~50 000 in Barcelona
~150 000 in Madrid
~80 000 in Vienna
~40 000 in the NL
~70 000 in Sweden
~170 000 in NZ
~1m in Italy
This is millions of people deciding to not be part of the problem but part of the answer to this crisis.
This is change

There are serious companies out there with web server setups that send updated `etag` *and* `last-modified` headers for resources that are verifiably *not* changing.


"Just as we recognise a poverty line, below which no one should fall, we should recognise a riches line, above which no one should rise. This call for a levelling down is perhaps the most blasphemous idea in contemporary discourse."

George Monbiot has the right idea.


Tried installing Lineage OS on two different phones today. Turned out neither was really possible while having a reasonably recent version.

Android derivatives are so... weird. Having to build a whole "image" to start your world with? It's a nightmare.

I can still install GNU/Linux on machines that are 15 years old and they still generally boot and run. And I don't need to build a separate "installer" per machine.

How the fuck did phones get THIS BAD.

@GeoffWozniak Evince is certainly more feature-complete, I'd say. It has much better support for annotations, and a much better copy/paste UI.

Zathura doesn't have as many dependencies, feels snappier, and has pluggable rendering backends, which may be relevant if you're low on resources.

I use Evince for my day-to-day stuff.

I highly encourage everyone who hasn't see Ian Danskin's The Alt-Right Playbook series to watch it.

I see shitheads on the fediverse use basically every tactic Ian mentions in their "arguments" and it is important to understand what the fuck they are doing and why.


Galaxies come in various shapes. In general they can be spirals (M101), barred spirals - a bar through the core (M109), elliptical - kind of ball shaped (M87), or irregular with no real shape (M82). #astrophoto

god, why do people keep trying to inject politics into my community defined solely by its radical response to encroaching intellectual property law

@luka Wow! Always nice to see familiar faces featured in such important publications. Time to start listening!

Five of six artists featured in this 'Bandcamp Daily' article about Slovenian experimental electronic music scene come from our netlabel #Kamizdat! Uhhh!


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Our stance on Gab, nazis, fascists and harassers in general Show more

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