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I did a thing.

Also, this was finally an excuse to try mounting a (borrowed) 50mm f/1.4 EF lens onto my EOS M10 with an EF -> EF-M adapter. The camera looks ridiculous since the lens is pretty big, but it actually works surprisingly well.

Perhaps it's worth buying an adapter and looking into some old used lenses...

"Detecting the use of "curl | bash" server side" (as opposed to curl & save to a file).
Now this is some very clever, and scary, stuff. It's possible to detect if a #HTTPS request is being piped directly into #bash or just saved to a file. You can use this to send a different file (& commands!) only when it's going straight into bash.

This article talks about something I've been experiencing more and more over the last few months: The inability to concentrate, it's causes and side-effects:

Ironically, I just interrupted myself while reading this article to post this, though the reason was that I had it open on my phone, which I am trying to avoid more and more, and I hope will help me become a bit better at focusing on things again.

Trying to connect to some blind linux users to talk about accessibility, please boost

Does anyone in the use (

I love it, but it's kinda silly using it in single-player mode.

I think mobile app developers should be artificially limited to distributing one update every 14 days.

The number of daily Play Store updates for a reasonably small amount of installed apps is ridiculous.

If you've ever wondered how books get onto, this is how

I wrote an (approximate) transcript of my talk from WebCamp Zagreb 2018 about nginx and OpenResty. If you've ever wondered what your web server can do for you, check it out!

"SDF is seeking reliable and #creative DJs to have their own show on Do you wanna do it? send 'subscribe anonradio-l' in a message to and tell us about your #secret #plans #dj #live #music #mastoart ALL GENRES WELCOME" (STOLEN FROM @SDF 's birbsite 🤭🤭🤭💦 🐦🔥)

StefanKeller: Re MAPTCHA - ReMAPTCHA - A free, map-based anti-spam service that enhances OpenStreetMap

At last, some tools to stop working for free for Google and contribute to the commons while reducing spam!

#captcha #osm #openstreetmap #beta #fuckgoogle #g00gle

"As historians and philosophers of science have long recognized, claims that good science is apolitical are routinely deployed in the service of very political ends."

I'm a big fan of this take on "Sokal Squared".

At some point recently, DuckDuckGo stopped lazily loading / infinitely scrolling search results, instead opting for a "More Results" button at the bottom of every page.


Infinite scrolling is a dark-ish pattern meant to make you lose track of time and context, improving "engagement" with the website. None of those are things an ethical, user-centered website should insist on.

my hobby? not being able to load Web Pages

Sumac - Love In Shadow

A wonderful, well-thought album that masterfully transcends its post-metal roots. Hanging out with Keiji Haino worked wonders, it seems.

Today is Petrov Day, celebrating the courageous call made by Stanislav Yevgrafovich Petrov in 1983.

This man correctly identified the warnings raised by the Soviet missile detection system as a false alarm, probably preventing significant military conflict between the US and the SSSR.

Moral of the story: whenever you have the opportunity to stop an all-out nuclear war, do it.

Trying to use instead of Wolfram Alpha to check for some basic integration & differentiation results while reviewing calculus...

It works really well; wxmaxima seems to be decently usable, and I'm so much happier using free software than a proprietary service (as convenient as it might be).

Still need to figure out plotting, though. It's not as intuitive, unlike , but having it all in one package would be really nice.

Consequently, after a lifetime of using HB lead in my pencils (because "that's what everyone's using"), I've recently tried 2B, and I gotta say -- initial impressions are good! It looks and feels much better, and scratches paper far less than HB.

Every now and then I run into a small, carefully crafted corner of the internet most people would consider overly nerdy and even unnecessary.

Even when they're not that interesting to me, these places always make me feel all warm and fuzzy. But occasionally, they'll hit very close to home, just like this one did.

I present to you... Dave's Mechanical Pencils.


This seems neat: a reimagining of Holst's "The Planets" inspired by astronomy & planetary science instead of astrology, performed by the Ligeti Quartet.

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