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I just realized I never did an ... So here we go!

My jams:

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From last night the galaxy M31. 0.5m f1.0 Baker-Nunn telescope at the Rothney Astrophysical observatory . 10 minutes no filter (10x1 minute images stacked).

Saw Zeal & Ardor play live last night. Loved every minute of it; the thing sounds even more powerful when played live.

The band is impressively capable of delivering the music on stage; the instrumentation was perfect to a fault.

An excellent performance to accompany the excellent new album. 10/10, would see live again.

Ottone Pesante makes really heavy music with only a trumpet, a trombone, and some percussion. It sounds pretty powerful, and certainly different!

The new album comes highly recommended.

Just saw John Zorn's "Cobra" performed by Zorn & a bunch of folks from Tzadik / Stone.

Game pieces are interesting in particular, and this one especially so. It's amazing to see that level of coherence and cohesiveness from an essentially improvised, but conducted piece.

Here's a taste of what it might look like:

I'm still out here, bottom-posting replies to email.

Holy cow, I had no idea that the University of Colorado has a dedicated website with hundreds of high-quality, research-based scientific simulations, most of them in HTML5!

(I'm an especially big fan of this one dealing with charges & fields:

New backpack day! It's been a struggle, but the decision came down to the Millican Smith the Roll 25 L.

It looks incredibly sturdy -- maybe even a bit too sturdy, but I guess it's supposed to break in. I love the aesthetics, and I just hope it won't end up being too big.

The tripod / walking stick loop is a nice touch.

Halloween films from the Public Domain 🎞️ 🍿 🎃 Show more

I did a thing.

Also, this was finally an excuse to try mounting a (borrowed) 50mm f/1.4 EF lens onto my EOS M10 with an EF -> EF-M adapter. The camera looks ridiculous since the lens is pretty big, but it actually works surprisingly well.

Perhaps it's worth buying an adapter and looking into some old used lenses...

"Detecting the use of "curl | bash" server side" (as opposed to curl & save to a file).
Now this is some very clever, and scary, stuff. It's possible to detect if a #HTTPS request is being piped directly into #bash or just saved to a file. You can use this to send a different file (& commands!) only when it's going straight into bash.

This article talks about something I've been experiencing more and more over the last few months: The inability to concentrate, it's causes and side-effects:

Ironically, I just interrupted myself while reading this article to post this, though the reason was that I had it open on my phone, which I am trying to avoid more and more, and I hope will help me become a bit better at focusing on things again.

Trying to connect to some blind linux users to talk about accessibility, please boost

Does anyone in the use (

I love it, but it's kinda silly using it in single-player mode.

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