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So the guys from PT security (of Intel ME fame) will do a very interesting BH Asia ‘19 talk, if the abstract is accurate:
“We found that modern Platform Controller Hub (PCH) and CPU contain a full-fledged logic signal analyzer, which allows monitoring the state of internal lines and buses in real time”
“With VISA, we succeeded in partially reconstructing the internal architecture of PCH and, within the chip, discovered dozens of devices that are invisible to the user...”

rule 39 is terrifyingly real

<< Let's watch @textfiles raise money for charity (including @GameHistoryOrg!) by...dramatically reading the Leisure Suit Larry source code, wearing a leisure suit? >>

That said, Pussy Riot's "Riot Days" is an excellent performance piece, and if you have the chance, go and see it.

You know shit hit the fan when Pussy Riot does a performance in your town, and they conclude by saying they're aware that "the political situation in your country isn't too good either".


Decoder Ring has a brilliant story about Ong's Hat. It's a history of what is arguably the world's first alternate reality game, but at the same time, it's a story about conspiracy theories, history of electronic communication, transmedia art, storytelling, and human cognitive fallacies.

One of the more interesting stories I've ever heard on a podcast! Well worth one hour of your time.

The fediverse is kept a largely safe and happy place by a fortress wall of medium articles the bemoan the fact that the fediverse is hopeless and will never succeed. That fortress wall was shoddily built for us by techbros and journalists and we must take responsibility for maintaining it. If we don't start repairing the cracking masonry with new medium articles about how mastodon simply can't grow fast enough for real humans to use it then the walls will crumble. Do your part.

Someone might look at all the data hacks and misplaced data scandals that keep happening and say 'Companies just don't know how to secure data'.

Bear in mind that these same companies mostly just lose *customer* data. How many 'trade secrets' have been accidentally published online? Not many.

The fact is, companies care about their own data. They definitely don't care about yours.

I just realized I never did an ... So here we go!

My jams:

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From last night the galaxy M31. 0.5m f1.0 Baker-Nunn telescope at the Rothney Astrophysical observatory . 10 minutes no filter (10x1 minute images stacked).

Saw Zeal & Ardor play live last night. Loved every minute of it; the thing sounds even more powerful when played live.

The band is impressively capable of delivering the music on stage; the instrumentation was perfect to a fault.

An excellent performance to accompany the excellent new album. 10/10, would see live again.

Ottone Pesante makes really heavy music with only a trumpet, a trombone, and some percussion. It sounds pretty powerful, and certainly different!

The new album comes highly recommended.

Just saw John Zorn's "Cobra" performed by Zorn & a bunch of folks from Tzadik / Stone.

Game pieces are interesting in particular, and this one especially so. It's amazing to see that level of coherence and cohesiveness from an essentially improvised, but conducted piece.

Here's a taste of what it might look like:

I'm still out here, bottom-posting replies to email.

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