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Finally bought a V60 for home brewing & gave Scott Rao's tutorial ( a go -- it made an incredibly tasty cup of .

Every time I read anything about computer , I realize how little I know about what's happening there.

This morning I finally managed to clear up the confusion between Vulkan vs. OpenGL vs. OpenGL ES vs. DirectX vs. Metal -- granted, Wikipedia has a fairly decent summary of each, and clearing this up was fairly trivial.

Also, I realized that I've had a Vulkan 1.1-compatible graphics chip in my laptop all along, which is neat... Not that I have any idea what to make of it.

The Call for Papers for WebCamp Zagreb 2019 is open!

Come visit Zagreb in October, and join the best volunteer-run community in town.

Boosts, as well as talk proposals, are more than welcome!

Been reading George Monbiot's writings in a bit more depth after he appeared on Frankie Boyle's show... he's incredibly lucid and eloquent.

Unlike many people, he has the welcome tendency to provide very chilling evidence of our planet's imminent cataclysm while not nosediving into total nihilism (and even managing to stay mildly optimistic).

His latest article on capitalism's inherent conflict with sustainable survival is really good.

Welp, I managed to miss Koenji Hyakkei releasing a new album after 13 years! Yoshida is a beast.

Dancing in 13/8 🕺

From the BUGS section of mawk's manpage:

"Implementors of the AWK language have shown a consistent lack of imagination when naming their programs."

Tradition is just peer pressure from dead people.

Also, if you have friends & family who you think could legitimately spend 500-1000 USD just to make sure no one knows they watch porn on the internet, perhaps suggest spending that money on therapy? Seems cheaper in the long-term, not to mention healthier...

Do talk to your friends & family about these scams, especially when they become this popular. People make all sorts of silly mistakes when they panic, especially if they're not well informed.

A depressing amount of Bitcoin addresses in those "blackmail" spam emails have deposits in the amount of the requested ransom. Not a bad business model, it seems...

Sister Rosetta Tharpe played a mean guitar back in '38. Inspired Chuck Berry and many others, I learned of her through Hugh Laurie's excellent blues covers (Didn't it rain). #music

This derailment of thought brought to you by my Twitter feed tonight:

in which a Google Cloud software engineer responds to a quotation from some unknown source, posted as an image.

yay metadata

yay discourse

I mean I know this is all we got, right now, but,

we used to have better messaging tools than the entire 2019 Social Media Ecosystem on Usenet

in the 1980s

heck we had better message-responding tools than this on FIDONET in the 1980s

"If you eat one other person, you've reduced your carbon footprint by 100%! If you *really* want to make a difference -- eat a pilot!"

I totally agree.
However, I don't see this happening anytime soon.

Do we have to face the fact that humankind is too stupid to take care of the earth and we have to go down in catastrophes, watching the show in slo-mo? 🤔
#climate #capitalism


Brilliant. This is brilliant.


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